The London Hunt is proud to be part of the London Hunt and Country Club. We are located in London, Ontario, Canada.

Although traditions of the London Hunt date back to the 1843 Grand Military Steeplechase and to the military drag, it was actually on March 30, 1885 that a group of stalwart equestrians formally organized civilian hunting buffs into the London Hunt Club. These same sportsmen enjoyed golf, and the two activities were paramount from the beginning, with tennis and trap shooting added later. Hunting starts in mid August Wednesday and Saturdays, and continues until early December, weather permitting. Hounds are Crossbred and English foxhounds.

There are usually two flights, a first flight that moves at speed including cantering and galloping and a second flight that mostly stays at a walk and trot. There are very few jumps in our country and no jumping is necessary.

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We welcome participants who are not members of the Hunt Club to hunt with us as Associate Members (see Subscription Fees for information).